Photoshop Fail or Guerrilla Art?

macy's photoshop fail thigh gap

It’s possible we’re viewing these poorly Photoshopped thigh gaps the wrong way. After Target’s incident in March, now Macy’s is under fire for what’s perceived to be subpar Photoshop technique. These aren’t the only two offenders, let’s not forget Old Navy’s ‘unfortunate error‘.

Who’s to say these images aren’t manipulated in protest? How can we be sure that they aren’t guerrilla attempts at recognizing and acknowledging that thighs can and do touch, more often than not? Do you really think in 2014 that people are professionally using what appears to be MS Paint, and fucking up so blatantly? There must be a method to this madness! It’s inexcusable and, therefore, must be intentional. I refuse to think someone is seeing and approving these images without noticing. I may not have 20/20 vision, but those half-assed efforts are obvious. I bet it’s a lot easier to get away with a choppy Photoshop job than trying to push an unaltered image. And while this doesn’t adhere to the “if you can’t do something well, don’t do it at all” philosophy, some people may just be trying to keep their jobs. A slap on a wrist is a lot easier to deal with than a pink slip.

Instead of hurling out insults to these bad Photoshoppers (and the companies they work for), I think it’s about time to give them some credit. A dialogue is being started and we’re emphasizing the minor details, and thus totally missing the point. We need to wake up! Does anyone honestly believe these Photoshop mistakes are unintentional? That would mean numerous accidents on several accounts! Let’s stop giving people grief for their imperfect retouching and start celebrating the peace of mind these digital artists are giving us. Maybe this isn’t the full-on body positive activism we’ve been asking for, but it’s a step closer than the beauty standards the media perpetuates and deems ideal.

Could guerrilla artists be masquerading as Photoshop amateurs? What do you think?

Photo via Ps Disasters

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4 thoughts on “Photoshop Fail or Guerrilla Art?

  1. Kalani gaines says:

    Lol how did you even notice that?! And why are you looking are you looking at women’s crotches lol

  2. ForestRaptor says:

    You never get bad face photoshops though… that’s where the mystery is. Oh and boobs.

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